You can always tell the state of Carcosa by the flow of the party and the people in it. The old parties where high-society freely mingled with the rougher sort in moments of masked festivity are long gone as evident by this farce of a show. Whipping and torture associated with entertainment is a direct reflection of the head space of the person or thing that calls Carcosa home. When I was active-ruler of this place it turned into a Mecca of talent and beauty, but with Agatha here she twists it into a sick sadistic stage show. Duty brings me back into the current and I split from my comrades leaving them to deal with the local fauna while I left to go straight to the person that would help me; The Witch of Whispers Jix.

Seeing Carcosa in the way that it was currently made looking on Jix’s hole-in-the-wall something of a relief. Opening the door and hearing the familiar off-tone bell ring out moved a smile to my lips that brought me back to when I first found her all those years ago. Seeing her turn to greet me with that same playful cat smile killed off any anger that I had left from moments ago.

“Jix it has been far too long for my tastes.”

“It has been entirely too boring with that woman in charge. Same old death and despair. Your self made torture over that girl has been my favorite drama for years.” placing her arms around me she brought her mouth near to my ear, her voice becoming a whisper, “I could always take your mind off her you know? Just say the words.”

“As always Jix you know I can’t do that. You can hear the whispers in my mind knowing that your words get no traction there and yet you tempt me so.”

“I know. And that is what makes this so fun. What can I do for you love?” Bringing forth a small music box from her multicolored dress, “Perhaps the whispers of the one you long so much for?”

“A tempting offer but you know there is nothing I value as much as her, meaning that I could not afford your valuable service.”

“But for you my dear I could shave some cost off, you are my favorite after all.” She brought fans in each hand as if to bat off the heat," It would only cost a little hope with a side of temptation."

“Sorry Jix. But hope and temptation is all I have left.”

She shrugged, “Doesn’t mean you couldn’t give them to me?” She looked hopeful still despite my head shaking no, “Well, it was worth a try, what can I do for you today?”

“I need Agatha’s whispers.”


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