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Sorry for the short notice guys, but no game tonight. I’m staying at my sister’s place and it looks like I’m not going to be able to seclude myself away for the session. But, a couple things to keep the momentum of the campaign going strong and goodies for being such great players.

  • You are in the belly of a temporal beast not bound by our concepts of time and physicality, so as a bonus this week you may create a special PARADOX SCENARIO. Write a short excerpt, page, or flash story. In that piece, make an item, plan, faction, or NPC that will help you next session or when we leave the tomb. This can be anything from writing about a tribe of deranged doppelgangers, a project some alternative version of you has worked on, or even time shenanigans left to your imagination. It doesn’t need to be a masterpiece, just an explanation will do if you feel you can’t write well enough.
  • Double EXP: Anyone who does bonus material this week or with me at a later date before next session will be receiving a hefty EXP reward, multiplied times two.
  • Artifice Unlocked: This will be good for anyone who has one of the reward items from earlier or adds one in their short story response above. These esoteric artifacts will be gaining additional background and a new function left to my judgement. The only caveat is that you have to send me some request as to the nature of said power over Skype, the forums, or messaged on Obsidian (e.g. I want my Gameboy to shoot fire).
  • Not a goody, but some housekeeping. We have been playing since March and you all have created layers of great storytelling and flavor for the world. Talking in private with some, and from personal experience however, it seems that the rules (FRAMEWERK) have a complication that might be impairing the narrative. This is just to let you know I looking into Call of Cthulhu and Void as potential replacements for the rules.

You will keep all you abilities and rewards however, this is just to mitigate combat a bit. Any suggestions for a new system or request not to change a damn thing are welcomed.

Apologies again,

Home Page

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