Day of Operation Takeover

Finnigan stood in behind his private office thumbing through the reports that his research team had given him on the B.U.T.L.E.R project. Prospected increases in combat parameters, costs for the project, and finally the report of success on his backup plan. He sat the report on his desk and poured himself a drink.

‘FonLi forgive me for what I must do but we have to think of the greater good here’

Finnigan internal musings were interrupted by the voice of his secretary buzzing over the intercom, “Sir the Doctor has arrived. Shall I send her in?”

“Yes Kathy please see her in.”

The time has come at last. I will go in for surgery and have mine and Li’s brain installed with a microprocessor that when triggered will rapidly transfer my memories and personality into his brain and he will then effectively die and I will continue on.

The door opening pulled Finnigan out of his thoughts and he turned to see a woman walk in and close the door. She looked at Finnigan and smiled, brushing her crimson hair out from in front of her eyes.

“Sir we are all set for the operation on Li and now all we need to do is get you prepped for your part. Are you ready to go?”

“Yes Lynn lets get this over with.”
I will worry for my soul later. Lets get this done with.

The harsh lights of the operating room stirred Finnigan from his medical stupor as he shivered. “How did it go?”

“Sir, after we got over that first little hurdle with programming Li’s brain to be receptive to the quantum entangling of the microprocessor, which we are still not sure what could have caused that in the first place but we are running tests on the data as we speak, the remaining operation went smooth. The backup is in place.”

“Good, give me a report on what you have found about this hiccup we had.”

“Every point that we had before we did the sync up between your microprocessor and his was fine. As soon as we put the microprocessor in his head and started the sync process everything went down. While we were attempting to get everything back up and running our computer systems came back up by themselves displaying everything in a strange glitched out format of Chinese. The strange thing is we didn’t load any other languages into the suits programming so we are not sure how Chinese was included in the error messages. We are combing through it now waiting for our linguists and coders to filter out the problems there so we can get an official report on it. We are thinking that it was just a interface issue with the microprocessor and the arcanotech we are using so there was nothing to worry about on that end. That fortunately ends the bad news for this day because we have successfully got the backup in place and you are good to go Sir.” Lynn smiled proudly

“Good, give me a report on it as soon as you have a definitive answer.”Finnigan paused for a moment, “Li has no idea that we were doing this does he Lynn?”

“None sir.”

“Then lets get on with this damn expedition. The Bellanova’s have history to make.”

Day of Operation Takeover

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