Tara Clover (Void)

Queen of Secrets, Martial Artist, ...Eldritch Monster


TaraCloverNewBanner2_Void_.png Birthplace: Jupiter (Europa)

55 Advances/38 Used

Fate Points: 1
HP: 13 ( +12 from Tough Quality) = 25
Speed: 9 ( +1 from Fast Quality) =10 (20mph – 16.5yd/m walk – 50yd/m run)

Combat Armor: Protection=15, Licensed.
Chain Sword: 5d6 dmg., Special: Ignore 5 pts of Armor, Restricted.
Electro-Whip: 1d6 dmg + Stun, Special: Stun, Restricted.
Mono-Strand: 5d6 dmg, Surprise Only, Restricted.

Awareness: 5
Cleverness: 5
Demeanor: 2
Grace: 5
Perseverance: 4
Physique: 4

Awareness: 9
Cleverness: 5
Demeanor: 2
Grace: 8
Perseverance: 5
Physique: 5
Senses: Broadband Audio, Long Range, Night-vision, Scan, Sonar, Thermal, X-ray
All movement speed is tripled, flying speed is sextupled.
Fear Factor 20

Symbiote Pool: Uses 1/2 of this pool to transform into symbiote form.
Ritual Pool: Used for Tager abilities such as the Limit abilities and Gossamer bombs

QUIRKS: All at Skill rating of 2
Video Games
Current Events Knowledge
Black Market Ties

Defense(Grace) 5
Unarmed Combat(Grace) 5
Reaction(Grace) 4
HandWeapons: Blades(Grace) 5
Investigate(Awareness) 4
Research(Cleverness) 4
Atheletics: Coordination(Grace) 4
Atheletics: Speed(Physique) 4
Atheletics: Fitness(Perseverance) 2
Freefall(Grace) 1
Stealth(Grace) 5
Crime: High(Cleverness) 4
Notice(Awareness) 3
Trade: Business(Cleverness) 3
Surveillance(Cleverness) 2
Computers: (Cleverness) 3
Space: (Cleverness) 1

Wealthy(3): Wealth Code 4 (Wealthy)
Fast(2): +1 Die for Reaction Tests and can move one full category faster in Speed. Gains one free Success on any Test of Athletics: Speed Skill.
Tough(3): +12 Health
Contact(2): Knows someone who can provide limited help or pass on important information. Has one contact of a high-level position.
Gifted Metabolism(1): Gains one free Success for Perseverance Tests to resist the effects of poisons, toxins, or drugs.

Dark Secret(+3)

Snake Eyes: Has ability to delay onset of any Horror Effect for 2d6 turns. As a side effect, gains one free Success to any Intimidation Tests.
Killer Instinct: Gains one attack that ignores target’s armor (Triggered).
Deadly Ballet: Can make a second close combat attack (melee attacks only) against any eligible target when Triggered.
Deeply Weird: Gains one free Success for Cleverness-based Tests when analyzing or using alien life or technology.
Wicked Smart: Gains one free Success to non-Scientific/Technical Skills based on Cleverness.



Tara’s Theme (Void)


Although she may not look it, Tara is a crime lord, an information broker whose business involves knowing anything that is worth knowing. She has contacts, video surveillance access across the system, and many other resources at her disposal to get that information. Aside from knowing private and confidential information or knowing how to get it.

Tara also runs several other legit and illegal businesses including weapon shops, pharmaceutical stores, and even a chain of restaurants for legal profits, and weapons and drug smuggling for illegal profits. She has strong ties to the black market and does some of her indirect business there through representatives.

Tara grew up learning martial arts and practicing with sword weapons. She was taught the world here and beyond was a dangerous place and was given ways to protect herself. Her family moved to the moon Europa on Jupiter during her early childhood. While her parents worked in science labs and studied the stars, Tara learned the business trade and took an interest in the power that knowledge of all things had.

One fateful day when she was about 17 , Tara wandered into a yet unexplored cave system. It was here she discovered ancient yet intricate cave markings, art that showed horrifying things, Old ones devouring smaller humanoid figures and the like. Over the course of a few days of leaving and returning to go deeper each time, Tara discovered a ritual chamber. You could put two and two together that she probably saw something she didn’t like or perhaps something happened, but after then she never went back. Only known to her is that she discovered a book, with ancient texts that to Tara, seemed to transform so she could read it. Tara began reading outloud the texts that moved, almost as if in a trance. She wasn’t alone. Upon finishing the monotone chant, she had unknowingly committed a binding ritual. When she said the last word the symbiote made its move, and entered violently into Tara’s body. She was left unconscious but eventually woke.

Tara had gained a new physical power and it enabled her to gather information that would be otherwise near impossible to get. Over the years she honed her abilities with the symbiote and it slowly evolved. Since the binding, she kept it all a secret. Something like this could endanger her life if the wrong people knew what she was.

Tara Clover (Void)

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