Janus Walter Kappe (Keeper of FonLi's memories)

"The Agency's finest Failure"


“It’s not the Hitmen that you hear about that should worry you. The ones that scare me are those that are even hidden from rumor”

-Director of Interplanetary Intelligence


Stats: Awareness Cleverness Demeanor Grace Perseverance Physique Health Speed
5 5 2 4 2 3 15 (9+tough) 7
Equipment Guns Blades Armor
HCC-90 ‘Anvil’ Heavy Pistol Short Guns: Handguns x2 Combat Knife Hand Weapons: Blade Flak Jacket
Additional Info Damage 5d6 ; Mag:13 ; Impact:2 ; 100% silent Damage 1d6 ;Impact:1 Protection 5

Subscription to Starships Weekly


Ritual Shells:
21 gun salute


Acting (Awareness): 3

Defense (Grace): 4

Handguns (Awareness): 5

Hand Weapons: Blades (Grace): 4

Reaction (Grace): 5

Unarmed Combat (Grace): 4

Investigate (Awareness): 3

Research (Cleverness): 3

Brawn (Physique): 3

Coordination (Grace): 3

Fitness (Perserverance): 3

Speed (Physique): 3

Freefall (Grace): 3

Insight (Awareness): 3

Crime: High (Cleverness): 3

Crime: Low (Grace): 3

Stealth (Grace): 3

Surveillance (Cleverness): 3

Notice (Awareness): 3

Communications (Cleverness): 3

Computers (Cleverness): 3

Enviromental Suit (Awareness): 3

Explosives (Cleverness): 3

Sensors (Awareness): 3

Law (Cleverness): 3



Acute Hearing (-1)

Acute Sight (-1)

Ambidextrous (-1)

Double-Jointed (-1)

Fast (-2)

Internal Map (-1)

Tough (-3)


Nightmares (+3)

Tormented (+1)

Phobia: Sleeping (+1)


Too Innocent: Your Character is the kind of person that people never suspect of wrongdoing. He can avoid being the target of such investigations, at least initially. Naturally, once evidence mounts up, he’s in as much trouble as the next guy however, he gets that crucial initial reprieve.

Another Face in the Crowd: Your Character has the ability to fade into the background and not call attention to himself. He functionally becomes anonymous to most observers, which can be very useful. Your GM will let you know how this plays out.

Two-Fisting: Your Character is better at fighting with two weapons at once than most people, meaning he suffers no Penalty to his attack Tests.

Killer Instinct: Requires: Combat Skill + Trigger
Your Character knows how to hit where it hurts and this one attack ignores all of the target’s armor.

Double Tap:
Requires: Appropriate Gun Skill + Trigger
Your Character can make a free second, non-auto shot at same target at which he just fired, at a -1 Die Penalty.

Requires: Double Tap + Killer Instinct
Your Character puts people down for good. When a Combat Skill is Triggered, its damage ignores all of the target’s armor. If that Combat Skill is a Guns Skill, your Character can also make a free second, non-auto shot at the same target at which he just fired, also ignoring armor.

Hong Kong Action:
Requires: Double Tap + Two Fisting
Your Character has two gun fighting down to a science. He doesn’t suffers a Penalty when fighting with two weapons. Furthermore, when a Guns Test is Triggered in two gun mode, your Character can make a free second non-auto shot at the same target at which he just fired with both guns. These free shots cannot Trigger this Talent.


Janus Walter Kappe (Keeper of FonLi's memories)

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