Corvin Gunther (Void) "King in Yellow"

Master Artificer, Master Sorcerer


Birthplace : Earth

Speed: (9) 18mph/29kmh, Walk per turn: 15 yd/m, Run per turn 45 yd/m
Physique:4 (+2 dmg die to melee)

Dreamvoid:Cannot be plagued by nightmares or susceptible to being influenced by Old Ones while asleep
Fearless:Immune to regular fear, get 1 free success to resist supernatural Horror Tests
Occult Sensitive:Success at a Cleverness test reveals otherworldly influence
Sexy:1 free success to interactions with those who would find the character attractive

Darkness Magnet:The character is a beacon to the dark beings in the universe
Habit (Smoking)

Deeply Weird: 1 Auto Success to any check using Cleverness dealing with Alien life/technology

Teachings of jOE: Due to the Elder being taking residence in my mind he has left “forbidden” knowledge which translates into an automatic success whenever I attempt to make an Occult check/Magic check

Bearing of the Prince: may preform Savoir Faire checks on otherwordly beings with an automatic success

Languages:English(5), Arabic/Latin/R’lyehan (1) Cleverness
Computers:4 Cleverness
Streetwise:2 Demeanor
Art:(Paint)2 Grace
Defense:3 Grace
Guns(Hand):2 Awareness
Hand Weapons(Blunt):3 Grace
Investigate:2 Aware
Liberal Arts:3 Cleverness
Magic(Warding):4 Cleverness
Magic(Scrying):4 Cleverness
Magic(Evocation):4 Cleverness
Occult:5 Cleverness
Research:4 Cleverness
Cryptozoology:3 Cleverness
Science(Earth):2 Cleverness
Science(Life):2 Cleverness
Science(Physics):2 Cleverness
Science(Space):3 Cleverness
Communications:2 Cleverness
Engineer(Basic Drive):2 Cleverness
Engineer(Electrical):2 Cleverness
Engineer(Life Support):2 Cleverness
Engineer(Power Systems):2 Cleverness
Engineer(Transit Drive):2 Cleverness
Astrogation:2 Cleverness
Savoir Faire:4 Demeanor
Persuade:3 Demeanor

Basic Occult Stuff(Dowsing Rod,etc.)
Reinforced Staff (Warded)
Acc-44 Holdout
Flak Jacket(Warded)

Known Magic:

Gravity Crush: Magic Evocation vs. Defense if I overcome their defense by at least 1 success they are held immobile every roun d they may make a Physique vs. my Perseverance to be able to move
If the surrounding gravity is less then Earth gravity I get 1 less success if local gravity is greater then normal Earth gravity I get 1 Auto success

Fire blast: Magic Evocation vs. Defense attack hits an area indiscriminately. If anyone in target area is hit I may attempt to activate a trigger. Trigger= If attack roll has at least 1 more success then needed targets are caught on fire they take an additional 1d6 of damage next round.

Eldritch Faculties: Allows for the viewing of magical influence in the area


Corvin Gunther (Void) "King in Yellow"

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