Auguste LeBlanc (Void)

"Don't mess with me and mine, and we ain't likely to have a problem."


Auguste LeBlanc

60/65 advances

Health: 20
Speed: 10
Fate: 1

Awareness: 5
Clevernesss: 4
Demeanor: 3
Grace: 5
Perseverance: 4
Physique: 5

Notice (Awareness): 4
Reaction (Grace): 4
Defense (Grace): 4
Longarms (Awareness): 4
Melee Blades (Grace): 4
Investigate (Awareness): 4
Freefall (Grace): 3
Psychic Telekinesis (Cleverness): 5
Occult (Cleverness): 2
Insight (Awareness): 3
Athletics Fitness (Perseverance): 2
Athletics Coordination (Grace): 2
Athletics Brawn (Physique): 2
Surveillance (Awareness): 3
Survival (Perseverance): 3
Stealth (Grace): 3

Telekinetic Shot
Telekinetic Slam
Telekinetic Lashing

Eidetic Memory (3)
Acute Sight (1)
Ambidextrous (1)
Tough (3)
Hard to Kill (2)
Wealth (1)

Enemy (3)
Chronic Pain (2) (Migraines)

Peek-a-Boo (auto success for spotting living person who is trying to hide)
Double Tap (free second non-auto attack at -1 penalty)
Killer Instinct (ignore all armor on a single attack)
Executioner (Double Tap + Killer Instinct)
Two-Fisting (No penalties for dual wielding)
No Bad Deed Unpunished (auto success to all attack tests vs evil humans)
Boundless Rage (One free success for attack tests with melee weapons)
Deadly Ballet (make a second eligible melee attack when triggered)
Wardancer (two free successes on first turn of combat, one free success for every turn after, one free attack and one additional attack if dual wielding)

Tech-Bow (1d6, long range, 20 arrows)
“Clarity” Customized Long-rifle (4d6 damage, 12 magazine, removable scope, long range)
Shotgun (Hemingway) (5d6 damage, pump action, 8 bullets, short range)
Two sawed off shotguns (Theodore and Winston) (6d6, 1 shot, point blank range)
Tech-Sword (3d6, collapsible sword, limited)
Various knives (1d6 damage)

Armored Long coat (5 armor)
Combat armor (10 armor)


Auguste LeBlanc (Void)

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