Tara Clover

Information Broker, Dealer of Secrets


Tara’s Theme:



  • Agility – 7
  • Intellect – 7
  • Perception – 6
  • Presence – 5
  • Strength – 5
  • Tenacity – 7


  • Actions – 1
  • Movement – 6 (11mph)
  • Reflex – 10
  • Orgone – 12
  • Vitality – 17
  • Drama Points – 10/15


  • Language – Novice – Intellect
  • Regional Knowledge – Novice – Intellect
  • Larceny – Adept – Intellect
  • Observation – Expert – Perception
  • Research – Expert – Perception
  • Stealth – Expert – Agility
  • Streetwise – Adept – Intellect
  • Surveillance – Adept – Intellect
  • Fighting – Expert – Agility
  • Specialization: Black Market Contacts – Student – Streetwise


  • Assets: Tager, Wary, Wealth 3
  • Drawbacks: Damaged, Jealous, Dark Secret, Big Ego x 2

Asset info:
Tara is a Whisper tager, using her alternate form’s extra and heightened senses to see many and hear many things.
Tara is cautious and doesn’t like jumping into the unknown, she is Wary.
As described in her biography, Tara has a small information empire, as the reason behind the Wealth 3 Asset.

Drawback info:
Tara has emotional damages for the Damaged drawback, from her childhood/teenage years, so shes not the most trusting of others.
Jealous comes in where Tara believes that she or her range of businessess is threatened. Tara does not like the risk of losing her empire and fortune, and would have loose ends tied to keep it safe.
Dark Secret is Tara’s bound symbiont. She has it without the Eldritch Society’s knowledge.
Big Ego taken twice: Tara is at the top of her private operations. She isn’t the most powerful, moneywise, but she knows that money equals power and she has had a bit of it go to her head after all. She’s confident that she can do almost anything she wants to with the wealth she has.


Tara Clover is an information broker, she’s good at acquiring knowledge of any kind, whether its the location of the closest fast food joint is or incriminating secrets that could bring down a business company, and so on.

Tara has built a small empire with fronts such as a few local chain of restaurants, law firms, pharmacies, etc… These businesses not only bring in a hefty income, but also launder the profits she earns through selling information to any clients who want an edge on something.
Using her skills, Tara discovered the binding ritual used by the Eldritch Society to create Tagers. Tara bound herself with a Whisper symbiont that would greatly increase her ability to spy on others and gather secrets more easily.

Tara Clover

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